OK, back on line with a slightly different lookout. A friend asked me what happened. To be honest I don’t know for sure. The backbone of the site is WordPress, and the image-management was Nextgen. As of the latest update Nexgen didn’t allow me to upload pictures anymore. Spent a day searching checked permissions etc. as suggested on the site, all to no avail. So I installed Nexcellent (basically Nexgen 1.99 or so) which worked. However I was not satisfied with the layout, searched for something else and found Photo Gallery. Different setup, learning curve and so, but it works. I might look at the Pro version to see if I can modify things like fonts and placements.

OK, we are mostly back online. I had to change a plugin, and I still have to finetune, but at least all the images are back.



We seem to have some compatibility problems. Not all pictures show up and the slideshow is problematic. I am working on it and hope to have the site back up in two days.